Hey guys and gals,

It's been a while since my last chair and I'm really hoping to convince my insurance companies to cover another one. I'm currently in a TiLite, which will need a fair bit of repairs/replacement parts and I'm hoping insurance will just go ahead and pay for a new one.

What's the latest rules with getting a chair covered by Medicare? Any advice on how I should phrase my request for a chair when I have my seating appointment? Do I have any hope of getting Medicare to cover a titanium chair (ZR would be ideal)?

And last, but most importantly, how much do I have to pay out of pocket if Medicare will cover it? (I haven't met my $5000 BCBS deductible, so that won't really matter and I had medcaid on my last chair which I do not currently have). Do I have to pay 20%? Is it covered 100%?

Thanks for your input.