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Thread: Screw elevator install, build 9 ft ramp.

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    Fancy, Nancy I have all kinds of 'old stock' stuff still left from my pre-sci days, despite giving everything away when I fix stuff for folks. My rear end replacement I completed back in June on my truck that sat for a year and a half until I could find one/had the money/mud dried up <deep breath> I used unopened rear end oil I had from the mid 90s doing rear ends on my trucks. They had sat in my unmoved motorcycle side-car that had sat outside my mom's garage since 98 when I moved back from TX. I moved in to her old house 3 yrs after her death. Had to cut a tree that grew between the frame and fiberglass body, use maJik to move it around, burn some nasty psychedelic colored wasps out, burned the carpet from the bottom that contained a mouse mansion so I wouldn't catch the Plague lol, and other things BEFORE I could reach in and retrieve said unopened jugs of oil, rear end oil, grease/lubricants. I poured them into a quart jar just to be sure they were safe. Had to buy a tube of additive because this one is a Toyota limited slip only, I had everything else bought over 20 years ago Go figure! I have pix, if this post doesn't disappear... Man I HATE cold weather now. But I guess you are used to it. Happy elevatoring !
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    If my memory serves, there was a member here named Tiger or Tiger-something that was into CAD and had drawings of such a ramp for his house. He even had photos. I tried searching here but no luck. Perhaps I am not searching / filters properly? Anybody know / find these?

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