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Thread: Recoating Pushrims???

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    Recoating Pushrims???

    My 3rd set of Q-Grip Pushrims are shredded, and they're expensive.

    Anyone know who might provide recoating services?

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    Jimmy & Jimbo @ Sportaid arranged for a couple pairs of my old spoke mount alu rings to be recoated with foam a few years ago. Also Matt recoated some for me in 2011 see here
    I have heard that Josh George is going to market an aftermarket slip on pushrim cover

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    Yup, I quit using Q-Grips after my first set. Too pricey, not a long enough lifespan.

    I'd look into the Intelliwheels grips if you need coating.

    I went back to uncoated/anodized & just wear gloves everywhere out of the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webfoot View Post
    I have heard that Josh George is going to market an aftermarket slip on pushrim cover
    These look interesting. I contacted them asking about the weight, but haven't heard anything back.

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