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Thread: Use a Urological Supplier that supports cure research?

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    Use a Urological Supplier that supports cure research?

    I recently became an ABC Advocate and have linked The Walk On Foundation to anybody I sign up to use ABC they will donate 2% of the monthly reimbursement to the foundation. The average monthly reimbursement is $400-900 a month, depending on the cost of the supplies that you use. So you can donate $9-18 month without doing anything other than using them as you provider. They also have catheters made by Cure and they donate 10% of the reimbursement amount to cure research.

    The company I used was bought by ABC about a year ago and they have been a great provider. They call me every month to confirm the shipment and to make sure that I do no want them sent anywhere else as well as email me a tracking number. They also have sent me free samples whenever I wanted to try something different or to help me build a surplus.

    Some other good reasons to use ABC
    - Over 30K Products (all kinds and types of Urological products featuring BARD, Hollister, Cure, RUSCH, mtg, Coloplast, Rochester and more
    - Provide Service Nationwide with offices all over the country
    - Work with most insurances including Medicare and even Medicaid in some states
    - Great supporter of adaptive sporting event
    -24/7 Nurse Hotline (The only provider known to be doing this right now)

    So if you are looking for a good provider I recommend that you give ABC a try. The fact that it will help support cure research makes it worth a try. Message me if your interested. We can send you samples to try before signing up and if you have any copay it is typically less with ABC and if it is not they will tell you so you do not have to make the switch.

    The Walk On Foundation supports researchers working on cures or functional improving therapies. So far they have supported Wise and Dr. Harkema's work out of Louisville. You can check out their website and let me know if you have any questions about ABC or The Walk On Foundation
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    Thanks for the handful of folks that are considering ABC. Great way to donate $108-216 a year to researchers like Dr. Wise and Dr. Harkema without having to even spend your own money. Think of it as like transferring a prescription from one drugstore to another. Thanks!!!

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    Something else I feel is worthy of note is to mention that Cure Catheters was founded by someone with SCI and that 10% of the monthly reimbursement they receive goes to cure research. So if you went through ABC and went with Cure products, that would amount to 12% of your monthly reimbursement give to folks trying to get us function back and out of these chairs? Based of the average monthly reimbursement that would be $48-108 a month. Why would you not do that? Or at least do one or the other if you have a good reason not to do both.

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