Neuro Ex and California State University San Marcos are partnering on a new intense exercise study.


Men and women ages 18 ? 60 years old with spinal cord injury who are currently completing regular physical activity are needed to participate in a study investigating the practicality and utility of interval exercise (brief, intense bouts of exercise). The study requires:
1. prospective participants to be healthy and not currently taking medications affecting physical function.
2. four (4) visits to CSU?San Marcos over a 2 to 3 week period for a total time commitment of about 3 hours.
3. during each visit, you will complete intense bouts of arm cranking during which various physical and perceptual measures will be performed.
4. you will be paid $25.00 per visit for a total of $100.00 upon completion of this 4-day study.

For all info click here and scroll down to Current Projects: High Intensity Training Study