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Thread: Quad friendly camera that works with iPad??

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    Quad friendly camera that works with iPad??

    Does anyone know of a good camera for a high level quad with no finger movement. I would like to have if possible a DSLR that can be controlled with my iPad. If you don't know of a way to do that any other suggested cameras or ideas would be good.

    I do have a mount for my chair that I can attach any type of camera to. My iPad is interchangeable with it. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested in that.

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    Most systems need someone to push buttons to setup the connection and you rarely get full control. I use a Sony RX100 mk3 with their software and can't get Raw, it always reverts to jpg. Probably the best system I have seen is Camranger which let's you control Nikon or Canon and with the tripod kit pan and tilt. You still need someone to set it up for you. Later Canon DSLR have wifi and Canon has an app to control it once again not all camera features are supported.

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    You might consider something like the Samung at the link below. It can be voice controlled. There may be others out there now as cameras are getting "smarter." In fact there are apps that enable mobile device cameras to be voice activated for android, iphone, and Windows operating systems.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Thanks for the info thus far. I hope to hear even some more ideas.

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