My Storm TDX is a comfortable chair and great for indoors, but don't go outside in it. This chair has no traction on uneven or wet surfaces. It's sad when the chair won't even go up a wet (yes wet, not snow or ice covered) curb cut. There you are, left hanging in the roadway because this sorry chair was engineered poorly. And forget about making any kind of a turn while going through and stones or dirt. Once all of the supporting four casters turn, the drive wheels can't overcome the resistance and there you sit again. My provider has tried to adjust the casters, but with negative results.

The chair does have good power and torque and is excellant on dry, flat surfaces.

If anyone has a TDX and knows how to adjust this thing PLEASE let me know. Or if anyone has any idea on where I can store a tow-rope (haha) on this chair that would be good too.