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Thread: The new Kuschall AL pro....

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    The new Kuschall AL pro....

    I am thinking on getting this chair, has anyone try it?
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    I'll crash if i go to the link but if it's the new Airlyte Pro I tested it briefly the other day and felt much happier in it than in the last one. It felt smoother and less tippy (maybe just a size issue), and the pulcord to fold down the back worked much better.

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    I tried one not that long ago,i have nothing bad to say about it.It was nice,smooth and i didnt find to heavy at all..Im gonna take it out again for trial next week..

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    I am sitting in one right now. I have had it for several months and it is a great chair, so far. I do have the "add ons" such as the titanium foot rest, seat back, and carbon fiber camber tube. Only downside I have noticed is that to get it to accomodate 5" casters it sits relatively high off of the ground (I think it is designed for 3 or 4"). This makes floor to chair transfers, and fitting under some tables/desks, a bit difficult.


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    I LOVED that chair when I demo-ed is SOOOO light, easy to load. It was in my top choices of chairs.....I've written my opionion on it MANY times before....and recommended to others as well. It didn't work out for me in the end but I believe it's a great chair for those who it does. I wish it had for me however....Maybe next time....
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