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    hands free phone

    Looking for a hands free phone that will be used by a consumer with MS that is bed-ridden.
    The person does use AT&T as there service.
    Verizon has a program for PwD, AT&T does not.

    The Ameriphone costs 600.00. Any suggestions for funding?

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    Many states have free adaptive phone programs funded through a surcharge on everyone's phone bills...we have one in California, and this allows anyone with a disability to get the type of phone they need from the phone company at know additional costs. Check on this for the state where they live. It is not dependent upon the local phone company in California...all are required to provide this service.

    Check out hands-free phones on Just keep in mind that voice control may not be a good choice for someone with MS, as fatigue often changes their voice. This makes computer voice recognition very difficult for this population as well.

    The local MS Society office may assist with funding or know of funding sources as well.


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    Hi Liz,
    I got my brother a cell phone from Sprint that was voice activated, but it didn't work out well, his voice amplitude would decrease during the day and the phone wouldn't work well for him. I also got him a cheap (dollar store) plug-in phone with huge push buttons and speaker phone ability and that works great! Go figure. We just keep it on his desk, but can be set on his bed, the big push buttons are great for him. That phone cost under $10.00 and is still working after 4 years and a few fumbles (by me). If they use a bedrail it could be hooked on or just lay on the bed.

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    Chad uses a regular phone with huge buttons that he operates with a mouthstick. You may want to try something like this -it's klugey, but cheap!


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    thanks for the suggestions

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