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Thread: Yet another cushion question.....Stimulite

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    Im c5/6,and i use the Stimulite classic also.Like Fuente,my ass doesnt even seem to get red,and im up on it for 10-12hrs aday..

    I dont know murrey,ive been using the Stimulite for 6yrs and never noticed the extreme minus temps having an effect on it.Unless maybe i wasnt sittin on it and the cushion was just sittin out in the cold,but ive been runnin around the last couple weeks in -20 to -40 temps as per the usual praire winter with no problems or change in the cusshion...

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    HSB yes that is the collapse I'm speaking of

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    Shaun LOL, Well I was asking those same questions myself. I don't know why mine collapsed but it did,and so i was speculating why. I did work in a plant that made plastics one time in my life. I'm still speculating but at different temps when plastics are made and the different material makes them slightly different.Could have been inthe manufactureing but thats speculation on my part.Maybe i could take a pic of the thing...but i certainly don't want to say they are all good or otherwise.Maybe it's my boney butt, who knows.

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