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Thread: Best digital camera for a C6 quad?

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    does anyone know of a cheaper digi cam, that's lightweight, that also has a timer? i think a timer is my best bet to operate the shutter. i dont think i'll be able to hit the button. i can hold disposable cams in my left hand good enough and can sometimes hit the shutter with my right thumb, but that's only 1 out of every 10 tries.

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    What are you looking to spend? Click here, sort by price, resolution, etc.

    I'm willing to bet pretty much every current model has a timer.

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    I think that if you look for a camera with a Timer,it'd be more expensive,though I doubt there are many options for a common camera brand.

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    i dont want to spend more than $250.

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    Although I've never used this camera, a Canon Powershot A75 should be right around $199. A 512mb CF (memory) card should be under $50.

    I've used several of Canon's higher-end models and I've got nothing but good things to say about the company & the quality of their products.

    Just my $0.02. Try & check a camera out @ Best Buy / Circuit City / Office Depot / etc. if you can, prior to purchasing... just to make sure it's okay to hold & stuff like that.

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    My sister has a Canon Powershot. It is an awesome camera but is kinda bulky & heavy.

    I got a smaller & lighter FinePix camera. It does have a timer but you have to set it to the timer after every shot by pressing the menu button 3 times. Also, in order to take a pic you have slide the lense cover over. This might be a pain for you.

    Like Scott said, you should handle a few and see which one fits you. They have a good selection at Best Buy, Targee' and Circuit City

    Good Luck

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    Have you had the opportunity to use the Canon 20D, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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