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Thread: Best digital camera for a C6 quad?

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    Best digital camera for a C6 quad?

    I know 3 megapixels or more is better....but what else? Its hard for me to hold the camera to my eye so I was thinking of getting one with a screen. Can any quads recommend a good camera that they know will work for me? Also, which kind has the easiest button to take the picture too? I can never seem to hit them very well...

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    Try going to the dp review url

    Join, its free. Make some searches on 'disabled.' I got pretty good answers. If you join you can post messages (questions).

    You will have to describe your physical capabilities.
    i.e. There are various ways you can mount a camera on a wheelchair.

    Good luck,

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    Theo, I have a bitch of a time using the small screen to take a pic with mine, or any DC for that matter. I'm C5-6 and I've found that I do better holding the camera (vertical) to my eye in my left hand, and then pushing the shutter button with my right thumb. I'm able to hold it a lot more steady that way.

    Get at least 3 mgpx and the rest is your preference. Cost, zoom, etc. Just get something that you can handle easily and typically that'll mean a larger one(more for your quad hands to hold onto). I have an Olympus 7300UZ with a stronger than average 10X optical zoom. The reason for this is that I do a lot of outdoor and wildlife shots, and closing the distance is important to me.

    Of course if you're using a tri-pod or mon-pod then the screen works great, but I've found I rarekly use mine when taking pics.

    I'd also recommend buying one from a retailer that has a great no-questions-asked return policy. Get one, try it for a while, and if it doesn't work for you, then send/take it back.


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    Hey Theo,i asked that same question..

    I went with the Power Shot S1...I use the timer on it,you can set it for 5sec or 10sec..You just push a button and the timer stays on as long as the camera's on.When you want to take a pic,just push the shutter and you have 5-10 sec whatever you set it for,to bring the camera up to your eye and click...It's awsome, i find i have lots of time to focus on what im shooting at before it takes the pic..

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    I bought the Easy Share of Kodak CX7300,3.2 megapixels and believe me I have been good at using it,I don't have strenght in my fingers though I have been able to take many picts with it (by myself),it has a "not difficult" button for the picts and also a small screen so if you can't see or hold it to your eye,what you see will be in the screen,I paid for it $109.00 USD dollars,I bought it online at Walmart,the original price of it in the store was $97.00dlls but the proble was that it was never available at the store,they always wanted to sell one that was more expensive,so I decided to buy it in the online way and has worked fine for me.

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    I have a Kodak Easy Share also, different model though. Works great, just have to hold the cam upside down so I use my left hand to hit the button. Right fingers are physically challenged but think I have more function than you.

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    I know I have more function than you but the Kodak Easyshare cameras are the best.


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    Originally posted by Eric H.:

    I know I have more function than you but the Kodak Easyshare cameras are the best.


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    November, I'm the same.... camera upside down to push the button with the more functional left hand. And every time people start screaming... Hey! you're camera..... Funny.

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    I'm C6/C7 incomplete & have a Minolta Dimage Z1, 3.2 mp with 10X optical zoom. I'm very pleased with this camera so for, its been really easy for me to operate and the pictures look really great, color & clarity are awesome. Oh I also find I do better taking pictures if I put the camera to my eye.

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