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Thread: Cannabis-Based Medicines

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    GW won't make money unless trials are successful and they end up with a monopoly. They may own their plants, but not other plants which could do similar. It is an ancient orphan drug. Governments that fund health care systems, not companies are the only ones that could gain by not excluding plant based drugs.

    Most "research" is _not_ in Google scholar. <> Some pot heads use paracetamol to potentiate cannabis. <> Many have their own "research" that they share informally while passing it around.

    Some weed is more mellow. This is better for pain and the inevitable anxiety of pain. However, black market has increased THC, the one that warps the mind.

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    I have been doing a lot of research on the use of cannabis , just checking out a lot of documentarys and have used it a few times in the past . I dont dare smoke it now because I get my meds now from controllled pain clinics and there I have to give random urine samples so I cant chancce that . Also Florida it is still illegal for medicinal use.
    There are actually a few good documentaries about the use of it for pain all the way to cancer when made into a paste or liquid it helps healing .
    But Florida is getting in line for medicinal use laws to be passed a soon as next year and I will be first in line to try it . There are different strains that help different problems from nueropathic nearve pain to arthritus pain.
    So if interested check out either of the movie channels like netfilx or hulu plus and do a medical marijuana search and watch a few .
    And also for getting "stoned" when using you dont need that much just a few hits and try that first . With the different strains they act in different ways .
    It is still like starting a new pain medication you find out how much you need and thats where you stop .
    There is definatly a stigma about marijuana that some people still have that it is just for getting high and not able to be used as medicine.
    One of the main reasons it is not used medicinally is the pharmicutical companies can patent a plant , and yes the do have marinol and sativex and probably a few others so that tells me that if they have done that much research and money into the pill that means something in it works.
    A few years ago when I broke my femur I was in the emergency room at 4 in the morning and was talking to a Dr on the the late shift and he even suggested that I try smoking a little marijuanna for my shoulder pain and he also stated that he thought the benifits of marijuanna where great with a lot of differnt pains and that Florida should be legal for medicinal use.
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