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Thread: Renagehn catheter irragation

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    Renagehn catheter irragation

    I have a indwelling catheter until I unload a rock garden of kidney stones. Hopefully done by next month June 30/15. My catheter keeps getting laced with calcium sediments to the point of total blockage. My urologist prescribed me Renagehn flush to keep the sediment from sticking to the catheter. He told me I would have a hard time finding it in my small town This stuff was off the market for 5 years and now just came back under the new name and changes. Anyone have any experience with this? Have not found any info on the net. Would like to find the manufacturer.

    Donnie Wyatt
    C5 quad 38 years

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    Perhaps he meant Renacidin? (Citric Acid, Glucono-delta-lactone and Magnesium Carbonate irrigation)? I have never heard of Renagehn, nor of any other irrigation/instillation solution for problems such as you describe other than Renacidin.

    Most likely you would need to have your pharmacy special order this for you from Guardian Labs, which is the only manufacturer:


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