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Thread: Grilling as a quad

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    I have a gas grill but can't operate it myself, and I'm a para. I will say that things can seem ok for a while and then suddenly there's a big flareup. I don't feel comfortable grilling alone. However, I can flip the meat and monitor the temperature if someone else is there to set up the grill.

    Then again, a lot of people do way more than I do in general, even if they're higher-level, I'm a bit on the timid side.
    Set up the grill? I am not sure what you mean but most of us grillers have a grill out back on the deck or patio or other convenient place. It is hooked up to a propane tank. All we have to do is turn the gas on, push the ignitor button, and we are ready to cook. The grates need to be brushed off occasionally, but that is no big deal. Flame ups are not much of a problem with well designed grills. I usually cook with the grill closed and if there is a flare up I turn the gas down before opening the grill. I like to grill meat hot and fast to maximize the juiciness. My grill fork is about 30 inches long so I can stay safely away from the grill. Here is what I am currently using. As I mentioned in my earlier post, it would be too high for me without my elevating wheelchair seat. One canr go to a pace like Lowes or HomeDepot to size them up. They usually have a wide selection. Once you know the height that will work, you can go online or anywhere to expand your selection.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Pics of quad-friendly grill tool. The link below should take you to some pics of my modified Cripper, adapted for use on the grill. This is as described in my post above.

    Quad Grill Tool folder

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    The grill I picked was a weber q. It works very well for me as it is portable and my height when sat on a table.Name:  2712f4313d9bfd3730da2075742a167a.jpg
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