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Thread: Are you glad that you got a mitrofanoff? Pros & cons...?

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    Question Are you glad that you got a mitrofanoff? Pros & cons...?

    I'm on the verge of scheduling my mitronafoff and augmentation surgery this week for many reasons- no tone in my urethral sphincter so any transfer or exercise, etc causes EXTREME leakage (no, not just the "I'm getting old and its annoying' leakage, which I'll scream if I hear from another lady say how they "totally understand")

    Doing a search here I see a lot of problems that arise but I wonder if there are more posts about the negative because people are needing feedback when they have problems with it and not needing feedback when its going well. So that may mean that there are a lot of people with positive experiences and there just aren't posts about it so I want to ask could you just post even a short response if you are glad you had it or you regret it and why...

    Thanks! I love this resource!

    PS I'm moving to Hawaii as soon as my recovery is over

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    Had mine in 1995, 5 years post injury c6. Best thing I ever did! have been able to cath independently anywhere, anytime, easily. Only leak through urethra rarely (if I'm too drunk to remember to empty - rare, or sometimes night before moonflow). Pregnant in 2006 - had to pee every hour. Would not have survived without it. My procedure & outcome have been ideal. I know not everyone can say that, but I would probably not be here today without it (life was not live able for me).
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    I dont have a mitrofanoff but i have an ileal conduit and yes i am glad i have it as it literally saved my life.
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    Will leave this one to the true experts. My only addition is that most people I know who have had it done, wish they had done it sooner. It is not for everyone, but for those who it is for, it definitely improves their lives.

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