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Thread: Help with air fluidized bed

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    Help with air fluidized bed

    Hello, I found this website when family member developed a very large Stage IV wound. I am trying to find someone who knows where to get an air-fluidized bed, and it seems a lot of people on these forums know about wounds. Does anyone know where to find one? I have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Why do you think they need an air fluidized bed vs. a low air loss or fluid immersion simulation bed? Has this person had flap surgery? Where is the wound? What is this person's medical diagnosis or disability?

    There are 3 manufacturers of air fluidized beds currently: Arjo-Huntleigh (FluidAir Elite), Hill-Rom (RiteHite), and Aurora (HydroAir). There are vendors/distributors for these companies all over the country. Are you working with a wound care physician or nurse? They should know where these can be rented, and if this person qualifies for this type of bed or mattress through their insurance.


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    The air mattress doesn't seem to be working and someone told me to look into an air-fluidized bed. The wound is on her sacrum. I called Hill-Rom but it seems that they sell them for something in the $40,000 price range. Medicare doesn't cover that price. I am not involved with the wound center visits, but I can get involved if necessary. I guess I should do some more research and get back to you.

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    The "Clinitron-at-home" is the rental version of the RiteHite Hill-Rom air fluidized bed. Did you ask about this? Did you call customer service at their national office, or a local office?

    What do you mean that the air mattress is not working? Is this a low air loss mattress, or an alternating pressure overlay?


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    FYI: When getting a low air loss mattress, make sure you get a "True" Low Air Loss Mattress. There is a difference.

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    For sacral wounds laying the sides and abdomen will support healing more than any kind of mattress. Any reason this cannot be done?
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Found the Clinitron bed!

    I posted on this website awhile ago and I wanted to share with everyone that I was able to find a home care Clinitron provider. After much searching we finally came across a re-manufacturer of Clinitrons that was able to provide a bed through Medicare. They could have also done the dolphin mattress which was our second choice. The company is Star Medical equipment out of Pennsylvania and we were just within their service area and thought this information would be relevant to anyone dealing with serious skin breakdown.

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    Hi, my name is Angie and I am actually on here for my best friend who is bed and wheelchair bound due to being paralyzed and also an amputee. He had a clinitron bed that has stopped working. Hill Rom is no longer participating with his insurance, which is Medicaid. So now he is having problems finding another supplier that will accept medicaid assignment. He has 4 stage 4 pressure wounds and another that was a stage 1 but since the loss of his bed it is now a stage 3-4. He has had a flap surgery in addition and has tried a traditional hospital bed and also some sort of air mattress, which he is told is all that is available in the nursing facility he resides in. His health is on a steady decline and very rapid as well. He is also in pain and has lost his appetite so he is losing weight at a rapid pace as well. Can someone please tell me who else provides these beds or what he can do, even if it is an alternate bed that is similar to the clinitron? We are desperate!!!! Hill Rom is asking him to pay $420 just to have someone look at the bed and that is without any maintenance at all. Just a diagnostic visit. He obviously cannot afford that and the cost to actually fix the bed is likely outrageous. If anyone reads this and knows what we can do please please please reply. I can't sit and watch my best friend decline so fast. His doctor and nurses have no clue where to start and since I was once in DME billing and collections I have been helping in that area. I just need to find a supplier so that his doctor can send an order for the bed. I have researched online to find the qualifying medicare/medicaid guidelines for the clinitron or any air fluidized bed and he more than qualifies in every single aspect. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to those who may take the time to read this. I am new to this "forum" thing. LOL

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    See information above. Hill-Rom has stopped making the Clinitron II and the RiteHite (Clinitron-at-Home) beds for now. Apparently they are planning to produce something to replace these air-fluidized beds within the next couple of years. There have been a few Clinitron-at-Home beds for sale on this site in the past...check out the Equipment & Services forum. Repairs are going to be expensive on a product that is not really supported any more by the company, and which is beyond warranty.

    Other companies that make an air-fluidized bed include the Arjo-Huntleigh (formerly KCI) FluidAir Elite, the Blue Chip Airus (not a fan of these), and the Aurora HydroAir. None of them is cheap, and really are properly used not for prevention but for treatment with a healing flap or skin graft. No bed or mattress replaces turning and positioning off the pressure ulcer as a method for both prevention and treatment.


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