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Thread: The ALLY- the next step in universally designed recreational devices.

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    The ALLY- the next step in universally designed recreational devices.

    Untill now the ALLY has only been available to severly injured servicemen and women. As the next generation of ALLYs comes online the Segs4Vets program will be swapping out the first generation devices for the updated model.

    The difference in modles is seatbacks, footrests and wheels. Returned units will be sold to the general public after being given a clean bill of health. DRAFT/Segs4Vets supports/maintains the largest fleet of Segways in the world. The fleet is close to 2000 and growing.

    The ALLY is made in the USA and support is also right here. The ALLY is not a "one-off" or made to order. It is produced in limited production runs to assure consistent quality. A substantial fleet of ALLYs have been "road tested" by amputees , hunters, paras and quads and a range of other outdoorsman.

    I have personaly used one for the last year and can say there is non other device like it.
    come see for your self. The ALLY will be showcased at the NO BARRIERS SUMMIt 2015 in July.

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