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Thread: Purchasing a back up chair

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    Purchasing a back up chair

    I am seriously toying with the idea of buying a back up chair. I have an old tilite ZRA but it's seriously so badly fit for me that I can't really safely or comfortably use it anymore. While I know it's just a back up chair, if I'm going to need to use it more than hour then I really need something else. I have a power and a manual chair but I drive and can't take my power chair in the car and for a good deal of my week I have to drive.

    Anyway, I've been doing a bit of research but I don't really know anything about the models that I am looking at now. I have a Box Everyday Suspension chair for my main chair. I don't care if the back up is titanium or aluminum. My Box Everyday Suspension weighs markedly less all in than my ZRA does so I know weight comes down to construction more than anything else. It's going to take a bit of saving to have the money but I am really looking for the best chair for the least amount of money in the rigid chair category. I'm in Canada but I will be buying from the US. I am looking at the Quickie Q7 Next Gen right now, or the GT but both are priced the same. I don't need seating or wheels or really anything other than the frame so I can keep costs pretty low.

    I'm open to absolutely any suggestions anyone has on chairs to take a look at! I would also LOVE opinions about whether or not it is worth it for me to wait a few extra months to have the funds for a better chair given it's a back up. I keep going over the pros and cons. I'm hard on my chairs as I'm a para-dressage rider and I have to deal with things like horses knocking my chair and stuff and so repairs are a kind of frequent occurrence. My biggest thing is that the back up not have full suspension because there are times when I would rather not have it for a variety of reasons. I love it over all, but there are times like when I go out for a "run" that I would like to have a bit more push efficiency so there is a chance it would be used for that too. Getting the most bang for my buck while keeping the price as low as possible is what I'm after. I guess that's what everyone is after ;-)

    Let's say I want to keep it around $2000 at most. Advice?

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    It's not a back-up chair if you plan on using it, so save up and get the better chair whatever that is. You already have a backup you can't use.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    The back up I can't use isn't because it's a bad chair. It's because the specs are so wrong it isn't even funny. It's my first chair as an adult and as a full time user and I've had functional changes since then. I don't know how much use it will get over all, but I was a hit by a car a year ago and then what ensued was a literal 8 month quest to get my Box chair fixed. They do not have good customer service, just from my experience! I finally got it fixed by an acquaintance who had the skill - the camber tube was stripped and I couldn't get the axle sleeve into it. Anyway, I am always terrified that is going to happen again - something happens that takes forever to get fixed and then I'm screwed.

    I do want to get the best chair I can afford but really 2000$ is pushing it. Since I've always had much larger budgets or complete insurance/government funding (I'm in Canada) I'm not at all familiar with chairs in this space. I can look at the specs and that tells me something, but I am really curious about user experience with chairs in this price range, what users have experienced and feel is the best bang for the buck and so on.

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    I see, you do need a backup. Have you been watching Tilite's ebay store?
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I agree that TiLite's eBay store can be a good place to buy a wheelchair, especially for a second chair. But that's only if you have some flexibility in regards to specs. It's very unlikely that you'll find a perfect match, so very picky users should probably not purchase this way. Some of TiLite's demo models look pretty good. But be careful. I've seen some really oddly configured chairs for sale and some look very worn or beat-up. TiLite does promise that all their demos are in safe working order. But they put more than just demos up for sale. They also sometimes have new chairs. They maybe returns or mistakes made in ordering, but they are new. And some of them have expensive options; demos too. Used chairs are usually around $750-$1000. New ones are over $1000, usually 11 to 12 hundred and up.

    I have been watching their eBay inventory for over a year now. I bought a new ZR from TiLite this way. I've seen some really great TR, ZR, Aero Z, R, and X chairs, but I haven't seen anything really interesting lately. They often have 15", 16", 17", and 18" width chairs for sale. You gotta be patient and watch often.
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    Use the search in the Equipment and Services forum. There's also a for sale area on If you look for something on ebay be fussy that it fits. For 2k you can get a new chair. Look at Colors, Ki and Quickie.
    I'm sending you a PM.

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    I spent some time on SportAid last night specing out a bunch of chairs to see what the final prices were like with my options. The thing that bugs me is that if I say I don't want wheels that doesn't change the price, neither does taking the basic inc. wheels but I do not need them. I have a set of 24" Spinergy LX, a set of 25" SLX, and a set of 25" Round Betty Dino wheels. I also don't need brakes, I have a bunch of extras of those, or clothing guards (though not selecting those does save me money). I also don't need seating, but an extra set of mounting brackets for the ADI backrest I have would be lovely so I can switch it back and forth really easily, but I do have two extra Matrx Elite backs and an extra Mx1 back as well - though I much prefer my ADI and if I need to use one of my other backs the chair needs to be a 18" width and not a 17" which is what my ADI is - and what I prefer because I like 4 degrees of camber and it shaving on width helps a ton for doors and what not.

    I mostly wish I could get a discount for not wanting wheels because what I am going to do with a set of cheap basic wheels? If I needed a back up set of those - sure - but I already have back up wheels that are awesome. Anyway - that's my rant. Box takes off from the cost when you want the base options. I am considering asking them about a quote for the non-suspension chair for basically just the frame, because I suspect it is one of my cheaper options, but I am so conflicted. I know they have a huge following of really happy people but I have had a lot of problems since I got my chair, including them screwing up on the actual chair - got a folding back, not fixed; v front, not tapered (I even specified I did NOT want V front); and it came with the wrong tires, two left brakes that couldn't even work with my COG given the design of their it was just clear that quality control measures aren't that great and no one checks over this stuff before the chairs are sent out. Anyway - It IS a good chair and I do like it a lot, but I am on the fence about if I want to go back you know?

    Anyway, the chairs I priced out were the ZR, TR, Aero R, and then the colors Razorblade, and the Quickie GT and Q7, and then the Invacare T7a. There is wicked variation in the price of all of those too. And again, I wish I could get the price of the standard wheels off the over all price of any of them and that sort of thing. It would help a lot, and let me then use that towards some upgrades I actually want and need. Maybe I will email Tilite to see if this is possible...

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    Edit: Never mind, read better what you expose your chairs to, and my suggestions are not useful, lol. I'd say probably try for a TiLite, good stuff it seems lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkbenny View Post
    And again, I wish I could get the price of the standard wheels off the over all price of any of them and that sort of thing. It would help a lot, and let me then use that towards some upgrades I actually want and need.
    I do see that allows omitting rear wheels while ordering TiLite chairs. They only deduct $50 though. Not much of a savings.

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    FYI all manufacturers offer a standard 24 " wheel available at no charge at time of order. When you are ordering a custom chair, that's why they don't want to offer a discount. They are not being charged for a wheel assembly for standard wheel, only when you upgrade. Just for future reference good luck in your search.

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