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Thread: A Better Gel Cushion

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    A Better Gel Cushion

    This post seeks your experience regarding the best non-custom (i.e., no requirement of a custom mold for each user) gel cushion brand or manufacturer. As a reference, the Jay brand may be used for comparison - a better gel cushion is being sought.

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    The new Invacare Libra isn't half bad. It's a combo foam/gel. I have been on it for a while and I do really like it. I am moving to a roho but only because I really do need it. I've tried many gel cushions and this is by far the best for me for positioning, comfort, and skin integrity.

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    I have both: Jay3 and Invacare Matrx. Now I'm using the Invacare one. Jay3 used to pull me backward. Anyway, my best ever cushion was a Jay2

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    An interesting suspension (i.e., gel) can be made from nothing more than water and corn starch. A water and corn starch mixture actually produces a non-Newtonian fluid which is not greatly dissimilar to the gel inside the gel components of Jay brand cushions. The gel component (its chemistry, packaging, seal, etc.) is; of course, a key part of a better gel cushion.

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