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Thread: E-Motion Wheel Sensitivity

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    E-Motion Wheel Sensitivity

    I have recently acquired a pair of m15 e-motion wheels from ebay. I need to reduce the sensitivity of them (or conversely increase the amount of effort needed to trigger them). There's a metal wheel attached to the sensor, which on the old m12s would rotate with a click and reduce or increase the sensitivity. On these it just rotates freely without doing anything. Does anyone know how this mechanism works? I can't easily get to agent/dealer as I live on a small island and there isn't one here


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    Did you get the remote control? I am pretty sure what you are talking about is user adjustable from the remote. When I tried an M15 out at Expo the salesman kept making changes using the remote until the chair performed the way I liked it.
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    Yes, and thanks to someone on another forum I have the instructions. What I don't have is a little "program key" that goes into the back of the remote to switch it into the settings mode. I'm going to contact one of the agents to see if I can get one

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