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    I was wondering what people use for chucks. I have to use three or four 36'' square chucks at a time to insure effectiveness, and they only last a couple of days at best. So I wind up spending a lot out of pocket just on chucks, as Medicare does not reimburse for them.
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    After my last surgery, I took a pad home from the hospital that was washable and reusable. It's pretty sturdy. Not sure where you would buy one, but they do exist, probably a lot cheaper than buying so many disposable chux...

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    I've bought reusable washable, waterproof bed pads from Amazon and Allegro Medical. Different sizes are available.

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    I buy a lot of supplies from this site. Their pricing on supplies and shipping costs are one of the lowest that I have found.

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    I use a combination of reusable ones and the regular blue ones depending on the need.

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