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Thread: myelomalacia

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    In 1998 I fell from a horse and experienced 3 days recovering. I experienced complete paralysis for a couple of days. I ended up having a fusion/laminectomy a few months later. In 2000 I was having some numbness in my legs/arms. I had an mri. It showed myelomalacia at the c7 level. Off and on over the years, I've experienced some numbness. Recently, it's been really bad. I THINK I'm having bladder issues. I typically have about 30 seconds to get to the bathroom once I feel I have to go. I've mentioned this to the neurologist and he contributes it to getting older. He doesn't know about the myelomalacia diagnosis. I didn't know about it until today.
    My question.... Could the myelomalacia get better? Could it have been misdiagnosed? Could it be what is causing these issues now? Would it be possible to show up on one mri and not another?

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    Myelomalacia is thinning and softening of the spinal cord not unusual in people who have suffered some sort of spinal trauma.There is no treatment that I know of.It always shows up in my mri's.The aging process definitely takes it's toll on victims of spinal trauma.You may be better served by consulting with an experienced Neurosurgeon preferably at a major medical ctr.or teaching hospital.

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    Thank you. The result I found that mentioned it was buried in my medical records. I've had at least 3 MRIs since and not one person has mentioned it. I'm assuming it didnt just go away or disappear. I'm pretty excited that I might finally have a reason behind my issues. That is if these are issues. Im not sure if my going to the bathroom urgency is related or not.

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    Yes with a cervical injury you would most likely have the overactive bladder. But you should also check and see if it is enlarged prostate gland or a little of both. Have Urodynamics - SCI doctor can order or see a Urologist- they can do a uroflow in the office- Urodynamics with videofluorography- xray- can see the flow. or ask PCP if you have an enlarged prostate. We use Tamsulosin to do several things- shrink prostate, help relax and empty bladder. Anticholinergics given to relax bladder and hold more like Oxybutynin, Detrol, Trospium, Vesicare and now new med Mybetriq but expensive.

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    Supposedly my prostate is fine. Are these urgency issue typical of SCI. It's not like have no control. It's just that I have about 30 seconds to get where I need to go.

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    We call that urgency and it could be related to your spinal cord. Have you measured how much you urinate? How may times do you get up during the night to urinate? I would keep a diary and record ad you could discuss with your family doctor who might order oxybutynin or Detrol which helps your bladder relax and hold more and give you more time to get to bathroom..

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    I have kept track. Usually around 250mL. I will go around 2-3x every night. It's almost like clockwork.

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    In addition to seeing a neurologist about your myelomalacia, you need an evaluation by a neurologic urologist, which includes urodynamics studies to determine what degree and type of neurogenic bladder you have. A good neurologist should be able to refer you.


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    I am seeing a spine surgeon now. Im not sure if he is a neuro or not. When I look him up, all I find is that he is a orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine care/surgery.

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    A neurologist is different from a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. They are expert in diagnosing and non-surgically treating neurological conditions. You need to see one.


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