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Thread: Shoulder spasm and arm pain

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    Shoulder spasm and arm pain

    Dear all,
    a few days ago my friend felt like a tic on my shoulder. Yesterday and today it seems like my right shoulder is always spasming at a steady rhythm and my right arm kind of hurts. Has this happened to somebody else before? The right arm is what I have stronger and use more for turning pages and so. Can it be because of strain?

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    Yes it could be. Have you noticed the tightening or actually abnormal movements or a little of both.Spasticity. Are you on a muscle relaxer? Baclofen , Tizanidine, flexeril.Try passive range of motion exercises also and rest. If nerve inflamed Ibuprofen or Naproxen might help. Warmth to area. could try muscle rub cream, Capcaicin if pain involved. If that doesn't make it go away then would see your doctor.

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    I have been a para for 48 years and I switched to a power assist wheel to help preserve my arms. For the last seven years, my forearms throb at night. I feel a need to rub up and down the arm for relief but this is really impacting my sleep. Is there anything I can do to deal with the pain. I just started taking 4 mg of tizanidine at night but I wake up at three from the pain. Is there anything else I can do to promote relief? Thank you

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    Do you do any type of stretching exercises before bed? Muscle rub.Try that. but I would also consider taking another Tizanidine if it is over 4 hours. or if only been 4 hours you could take 2 mg if it makes you too drowsy.

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    baclofen and tizanidine help me the most. i like to use icy hot when massaging my back as well. maybe a heat pad on low would be a bad idea for sleeping but it would help relieve the muscles while you were up.

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