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Thread: Vibration therapy

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    Question Vibration therapy

    Hello there everyone ? I have a spinal cord injury and recently came across this board looking for information on e stimulation. I was wondering if anyone has experience with vibration therapy?

    I need to reduce muscle atrophy and was wondering if this product has any antidotal merit?

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    Galileo will be at our Summer Open House July, 16th.

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    Do you mean electrical stimulation when you say "e stimulation"? That is something different than vibration training/therapy. Electrical stimulation can reduce muscle atrophy - there isn't any research looking at vibration training and muscle atrophy, but it likely won't do much to reduce atrophy unless you can move your limbs against gravity to begin with.

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    Jim- Are there any publications on vibration therapy?

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    Yes Chaz, search on PubMed.

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    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Thank you Snowman. I appreciate the curated list.

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    I’m sorry I missed the open house. Can anyone give us an overview? Didthey have a machine there like on their Dutch website? Have they perhaps miraculously outfitted itto hold us up? Is anything happening in the US with it?

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    Tried it once during a physical therapy session a few years ago. I'm Polio-paralyzed, so full-sensation. As I sat in my wheelchair, one leg was placed on the platform, while the therapist stepped on the tip of my shoe (ouch) to keep my leg from wandering. With the sustained vibration I couldn't help worrying about my joints, ankle, knee, hip, although it was not painful.

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    I'm interested as well. Is it worth any time investigating?

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