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Thread: Instructions for transporting power chair

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    Instructions for transporting power chair

    Any good advice for transporting my PW , I don't want the airport guys to mess it up..
    Louie Gonzalez
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    First, make sure you attach a sign to the back that instructs some one as to how to put your chair into push mode and how to lock it. Second, remove anything that can possibly fall off. I mean possible since what we lost was the plastic covers over the wheel joints.

    Take your seat onto the plane. Sit on it on the plane. It works for you in your chair and will work better than anything on the plane.

    Take pictures from every angle (with an airline rep in the photo if possible) to document the condition of your chair at departure. If it comes back as anything else, get a form before you leave the airport to file a claim for damages. If they know you are documenting the process, they will not only be more careful, they will pass it along to the other end.--eak
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