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Thread: Chair hoists for sea access

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    Chair hoists for sea access

    The council of my home town wishes to make our beaches, shores, jetties and quays more accessible to mobility impared people by installing manual chair hoists that allow a wheelchair person enter and exit the sea from a chair position. Most of our shoreline is already chair accessible while sandy beaches have plastic wide wheeled chairs available for those who may need them
    I have found manual chair hoists that are used in pools however what we need is a device that is fit for purpose in salt water, of low maintenance and also withstands wave conditions. May i ask if any of you people know a supplier whom would want to tender for or supply such equipment to the Gov of Malta. We would first like to buy one and then if found fit for purpose install another 50 around our island. Both the Malta tourism authority and National commission for disability services are willing to pay for such devices.
    Please contact me on PM for further details

    Thanks and happy swimming

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    I have been in places which have pool chairs made out of PVC tubing and ramps to roll into the water - supplying these chairs - assuming the bearings could be salt resistant might be easier than dealing with lifts

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