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Thread: Daughter C7 quad has rapid pulse

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    I might go against the grain here but I think she might be better off on her own with a reliable PCA then being at home. Reason being it can be rather hard on the psyche to return home and be "looked after" by mom especially with intimate type care like bowel/bladder & menstrual stuff. and it sounds like she's having coping problems as it is.
    I agree effort might be best placed on finding her reliable caregivers than trying to guide her life.

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    I a C5/6 incomplete quad and over the past year have been seen in ER multiple times for chest pain. Every time my heart rate would be 130-145+, yet EKGs were normal. So far every time I've been slightly dehydrated and have a UTI. Physiatrist also thinks the pain is actually nerve pain as I have a band of pain where a bra hits and in the same spot in front. Instead of traditional AD where blood pressure rises from pain below injury level, he's beginning to think my bodies response is increased heart rate instead. Cardiologist can't find anything wrong other than fast heart rate at times. It she continues to have symptoms might be worth seeing a cardiologist.

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    Of course I don't know your daughter, but I can understand why, if someone had had a bad experience in a hospital, he or she would be reluctant to return for any reason. I have had quite a few unpleasant hospital experiences and generally try not to go unless there is really no choice.

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    From your posts your daughter isn't taking care of herself very well
    she sounds depressed
    you are correct that she needs more support
    she will need to discover this for herself in order for a lasting change to take hold
    I would hope her SCI provider has a social worker or psychologist on their team she could see for support


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