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Thread: Any Quads Flying a Drone?

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    Any Quads Flying a Drone?

    Curious and interested in any quads that are flying a drone...positives, negatives? Is it doable? Equipment and cost?


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    It's possible, Someone in my office bought a little one. So I asked to try it. It was three feet from me when I tried to get it off the ground. Next thing I know it hit me in my face. It even came back for seconds. My point. Stand back from it.

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    You don't even have to fly them anymore. Just get a Lily.

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    I know a quad that does this as a profession:

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    There is also a guy in Dubai who has gotten into flying drones. Without the grip to manipulate the controllers he uses cut pieces of pvc piping attached to the controllers to stick his fingers in. In fact with his tools modified so he can use them by himself he is repairing and building his own drones. The first video is him flying a drone the 2nd 2 links are sped up versions of him building. Notice the use of tools and the simple adaptions he has made to be able to use them alone.

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    I have a phantom 2. Just got it a couple of weeks ago. Course I'm only a para, so pretty normal operation for me. Would think a quad would need a modified controller for sure. Def longer joystick handles. Should be able to control the gimbal rotary switch pretty easy though.

    They sure are fun. Mine was about $1800 with a big weatherproof case, fpv monitor, different antennas and the phantom 2 itself with the gopro gimbal
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    I am a C5 quad and have no problem flying my new Phantom 3 with my quad hands.

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    I am a rookie at this but here is a small video I did with my drone.

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    thinking of this one for my first starter drone .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tipper09 View Post
    I am a C5 quad and have no problem flying my new Phantom 3 with my quad hands.
    Do you have any special set up for your controller?

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