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Thread: Need a way to turn my bed/living room lights on/off remotely without a smartphone.

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    Need a way to turn my bed/living room lights on/off remotely without a smartphone.

    I had an environmental control unit that operated lights, telephone, TV and now it is broken. There are cheaper ways to do this but the RF controlled X10 System has bad reviews.

    Anyone familiar with a trustworthy system that works well?

    Desperately need to turn my bedroom light on read my contact phone numbers when there are problems. Had to spend 2 days in bed and 55 hours in my wheelchair this week already due to caregiver call offs.

    I have tried searching both the equipment and housing forums but nothing comes up and there are few folks visiting the housing one anyway.
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    Something like this may work if you are trying to turn off a lamp. (This is just the receiver, but there is a remote that controls the receiver)

    If you are trying to turn off an overhead light which is controlled by a wall switch, there are replacement switches that have remote control fobs. This is by Skylink Home product. You need both the wall switch and the remote that snaps on and off the wall switch. The combination of the two products below is about $53

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    You can get one that controls 3 or more
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    I know that z wave can do what you are speaking of and is expandable. I would recommend checking out they have been doing this stuff form many years and have a great support team. They have from simple to very sophisticated solutions.

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    Deleted... Just read you wanted to do it without a smartphone... missed that bit.

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    The clapper! My dog figured out it turned the tv on and off by barking.
    A big flashlight or head light.
    Those stick up round push lights.
    Camp lantern?
    All this crap is at wally world and amazon.

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    forestranger52 , what type of control interface do you need? Are you looking to replace in-wall switches or lights that plug in the wall?

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    Here is a good comparison of the popular home automation technologies

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    x-10 bedside touchpad system is nice

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