I was looking for a type of recliner that I think I saw advertised once. The well padded recliner had the ability to tip forward in some way that would make it possible to transfer from my wc to the comfortable chair.

Last night while transferring (trying) from my overstuffed chair onto my wc I slid forward and landed on the floor. This has happened several times over the past five years and I have always managed to crawl and drag myself back to the chair then to the wc. Last night was the first time I ever landed in a position/predicament that I saw no way out of, no way to correct, to fix.

I have a friend close by who never answers his phone at night but last night he did and came over in 20 minutes. We managed to get my body back on the chair and onto the wc (I'm 5'10" & about 165lbs).

Anyway, part of this is an age issue, I'm 77, and being an SCI doesn't exempt me from the rigors of aging.

This morning he called and asked if I was ready to install a rope & handle from the ceiling that we spoke about earlier. Yes. 3/8" threaded eyelet into a 2x4 in the ceiling attached a thick black nylon rope and a bicycle horseshoe shaped bicycle lock for the handle now it is breeze to transfer.

But, I'd still like one of those hi-tec leather lounge chairs that can assist in me transferring on my own --- alternative, not so soon buddy, 'rest' home! ... Gads, my mind and everything that is me or pretending to be me wants to be home comfortable and this'' take more than a chair no matter how 'Applish' it is.

ANYBODY know of such a chair?