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Thread: Shoes that allow manual toe movement

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    Shoes that allow manual toe movement

    T3 complete, I am looking for some shoes that allow me to pull my toes straight after I've put the shoe on. I have had pretty good luck with the crocs as I can stick my finger right in the holes, but I'm getting awful tired of the design. I'm guessing diabetic shoes are going to be my answer, but looking here for anything else.

    Those wearing regular shoes, how do you get your toes straight? That and do you check your feat often for pressure?

    I've tried wearing these and they seemed to be decent. But I would get pressure spots on my heels if I did not make sure to check and adjust regularly.
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    Don't know if this would help, but it's the only way I've found to keep my toes straight in a shoe: I place a bookmark, or similar slippery-surface piece of sturdy paper, 3/4 the length of my shoes, and the width of the inside surface of the shoe. Then, wearing socks with those shoes, I position my toes, then slowly slide my foot into the shoe. Works every time. In Summer I use sandals that have Velcro adjustment at toe and heel, don't use the bookmark. I'm unable to wear regular tie up shoes without socks.
    I'm polio paralyzed, so this may not work for you as I have sensation. However, I have never felt any pain, or spotted redness, from wearing my shoes. I do purchase shoes at least one size larger than my foot size. There's ample room in the toe of the shoe. On occasion there's discomfort at bottom of one heel, and when that occurs, I lift up my leg for several moments. I think it's great you check things out if you try any shoe changes.
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    I have never thought that might be a problem. I have worn regular shoes all my post-injury life. I have had heel rubs a couple of times. They were easy to deal with. I dress in bed and put on my shoes just before I get into my chair. When I put a shoe over my foot my toes bend slightly upward. I just push my shoe downward with one hand and use an index finger on the other hand for a shoehorn at the back of the shoe. As soon as the heel starts to slide in I pull my finger out and use both hands to finish the job. I always wear socks. I am wearing some Reeboks now that are mostly canvas-like material. I can feel my toes through it and they are straight. It seems like the only thing that would cause my toes to curl up is if they hit the toe end of the shoe. If that happened I would consider them too small. I wear shoes that are probably a half size too big as was suggested during my early rehab days.
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    I spasm my toes into painful curls every so often & need to have them manually straightened out. I usually wear sandals but on occasion need shoes so I wear these . Their top is velcro-ed & when undone & folded forward my toes are easily accessed. Closed up they look like Hush Puppies.

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