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Thread: Any ideas for adding some cushion to my armrest and handlebars

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    Any ideas for adding some cushion to my armrest and handlebars

    I am a c4c5 Quadriplegic and I use my elbows to prop me up to do weight shifts and they are starting to really hurt. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on adding some adding adding or cushioning to my Invacare TDX SP. I've tried wrapping up some generic foam cushioning using duct tape, however I'm wondering if somebody has any better than my jerryrigged duct tape job.

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    Have you tried gel arm rests?

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    search gelovations to find one option for gel armrests. That sounds like what you need really - just unscrew the pad from your current armrest and screw on the new one.

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    Thank you both, I had no idea they made gel armrests. Many thanks again to the CC community!

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