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Thread: issues with leaking

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    issues with leaking

    My son David has had sci since 2008. During that time, his bladder leaked and I took him to at least 5 urologists to no avail. The one before last. did a urodynamics and opened up an old deep wound from when he had his accident and I kept it closed for 6 years. This guy pokes it open thinking it is his rectum. At any rate, I found an amazing urologist for him. He is an hour and a half away but worth it. He has started from least invasive and gone forward trying to find an answer. The leaking is not good for David's skin. The latest option he tried is botox and Ditropan. He also gave him a prophylactic antibiotic which I could never understand why no one did that before. The bladder is still leaking. The doctor will be seeing him again soon.
    My question is this, during the day, David does intermittent cathing and at night he uses a texas catheter. In the morning, there is no urine in the bed bag and David is laying in a puddle of urine. We are so confused as to the reason why. He even went down to a smaller sized catheter and it didn't work either. David is getting tired of it and wants a foley put back in. I told him that was not an option. His last uti from the foley almost killed him and I am not willing to take that chance. If anyone has any ideas what we can do to keep him dry at night, please let us know. It is so frustrating trying to find an answer as to why the urine doesn't go into the bag.
    Thanks a lot.

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    For myself as a female, I increased my foley cath size. For a while, I tried using a foley at night while working ... I would think that would be difficult with a long urethra (penis) though. Do his feet swell during the day? If so, that liquid tends to drain at night via increased urine output.
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    Have you tried an external cath and leg bag?
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    It sounds to me like he is kinking the tubing, catheter or leg bag in the night.
    What brand of texas catheter is he using?
    I have the same condition as your son. I cath during the day, but also wear the external catheter. When I exercise, or work I get some urine in the leg bag.
    I have used about every external cath on the market. I use one with an external foam strap and put a piece of athletic tape around the foam, gently, just to keep it stuck.
    I use to use surgical tubing to connect the cath to leg bag, but gave that up for a stiff plastic tubing, I get at the hardware store. No kinking it.
    Your son need to watch were his leg bag and tubing are in bed. If he rolls over, moves around, etc, he needs to check his plumbing to make sure he's not laying on it or kinking it.
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    I don't see a level of injury in this post or in the profile. What is the level of your son's injury.

    What kind of night drain system does your son use?

    All the best,

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    GJ, his level is a T5 complete.
    He is trying different types of condom catheters with the same results. He uses a Bard night time drain bag. I just have no idea what to try next.
    Baldfatdad, I don't think the tubing gets kinked but I wonder about the catheter. Something to look into. Plus, at night his mattress rotates but it did it even when I let him lay flat.
    thank you for your replies and any other thoughts you might have.
    Curt, he has not tried a leg bag at night. What would the difference be?

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    The leg bag is only used during the day, at night the bard should be fine. Have you tried the coloplast clear advantage external caths? The regular ones may not work that well if he retracts when he voids in which case you might want to try the SS ones (short sleeve). Once you get things down to a system with external caths and bags ( I use a Urocare Ex. large during the day and the bard bed bag at night) I think you will have your sons problem solved, it's all question of finding what works, everyone is different.
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    I just called Coloplast and they are sending out samples. Thanks so much, it is worth a try,

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    What is the position of the night drain bag? Does it lay on the bed or hang over the side of the bed?

    All the best,

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    Daves Mom, they are called, the Freedom clear, I use a 28mm SS as I retract when I void, that did not use to be the case so I had to change to the SS a few years back and they work perfect. I almost never leak. I sometimes wipe off with alcohol pads before applying and they stick even better then, The key is to have the Penis totally dry before applying, if damp they will not apply right. I think this might be your sons solution. Good thing your getting samples so you can try different product and different sizes to see what works. I think you will find a solution that works. As far as the bags go, I use the the Urocares for a month each and clean them with bleach everyday at night after removing, pour a little bleach into the bag and fill it 1/4w with water and slosh it around a little and drain and good for the next day. Same with bard beg bags, I change them out one a week though. Good luck.
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    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
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