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Thread: Spinergy Flexrims

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    And don't forget... Once the rubber is gone... You are left with a perfect pair of spidery lx... Just have to buy a new pair of rims and off you go... So your investment is not all waisted....

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    They are very expensive, insurance covered when I got a new chair or I wouldn't have gotten.

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    I have a pair of Flexrims for my main ultra lightweight manual wheelchair (Quickie 2HP) and I love them! They have made it to where my carpal tunnel in my hands isn't not as painful, and they are easier for me to grip when its wet outside or pushing uphill. That, and they don't burn the hell out of your fingers and thumbs going downhill like plastic coated handrims do. I will agree, though, the rubber thumb part does wear out quicker than most other handrims I have used. These wheels are also VERY EXPENSIVE! I had buy a pair for half off on Ebay that someone bought and never used.


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    I sent my Flexrims into Spinergy and they completely rebuilt them for $100 each. This included new pushrims and spokes. They did an incredible job, just like new.

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    I used to have a pair of Flexrims that I really liked. The rubber did breakdown kind of quickly, but I'm rough on my chair so that's expected. I'm currently using Natural Fits but if I ever decide I don't like them, I'll give the flexrims another try and repair with that sugru stuff as needed.

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