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Thread: Looking at Alltrack R ?

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    Looking at Alltrack R ?

    Have been using Invacare storm for 20 some years......due to problems no one will touch them. I looked at a Alltrack R and was pretty impressed ,I am a outdoor person and push my chairs hard . Does anyone have any experience with these chairs ?? Any opinions would be appreciated .

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    One question I have is what do you do if it breaks down or needs repaired? That could be a real problem if there is no local dealer.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    I have the AlltrackR. It's solid made. I would not call it a true RWD. It has the two rear wheels always in contact with the ground and the drive wheels are set further back than the MWD version. Amy so far has been a great company that has been around for a long time. They seem to use all quality parts and very little plastic.

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    My DME has finally got the paperwork to order me a new powerchair. He was pushing me to get the Amy R. I have a 14 year old BounderPlus Classic. I'm shooting for a bounder h-frame. I am lucky that I know someone that can get an HMO to swing the deal. I was joking with my friend and showed him the Bounder off road chair and he said he could get it done. As long as the insurance is paying I will take his help. If my friend has to pay anything toward the chair I will settle for a Quickie 222se which my DME said he could get without outside help. My brothers go hunting or fishing about every chance the get. I was working on ranch when I broke my neck. The off road bounder would be fun. My Classic is still in good shape and could be an everyday chair. Anyway it goes this will be my last chair. Been a quad 38 years and until the last 6 years everything was great. I guess I suffer sinful pride syndrome as I have never let my friend buy anything for me. A phone call is all it took. That being said, before I would let him put money on Bounder off road I would take the 222se and let him buy that van he has been trying to do the last 30years. My 20 year old Econoline with no air is rough in FL. I am poor as dirt and could never afford this. I ounce lived in rural FL. Civilization has encroached upon me. Oh, I'm getting a new Roho with the air gauge also. My heath is spiraling downward fast and I'm on a five year program. After next month I may feel different. I have some mass in my left kidney that hurts like hell plus that kidney looks like a rock garden. I get that taken care of next month. Maybe I'll be on a 10 year plan then plus quit whining like a baby. d

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    Thanks Tonyy ,How long have you had the chair ? It looked pretty simple to me ,I'm concerned as I have I had never heard od them,,, Have you had quick availability to parts ? I have a drop fioor in van with another drop in drivers compartment...large real wheels didn't seem to hinder entry/exit. in fact seemed smoother than Invacare. I'm really needing a tilt and this seems to have the lowest seat height available. Im fairly tall and the others left me in the clouds !

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