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Thread: do i have to report income to ssa

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    do i have to report income to ssa

    If I take on a part time job and make $400-$800 a month. Do I have to report my income to SSA? Will my SSDI be terminated?

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    For 2015, the monthly income threshold for non-blind SSDI recipients is $1090 a month. Anything more and you're considered to be engaging in "Substantial Gainful Activity". Once above monthly SGA income, your benefits can be terminated.

    Here's a PDF from the Social Security Administration about reporting income:

    Here's another few link that may be helpful:
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    Play it safe and report all income to SS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Play it safe and report all income to SS.
    Agree with Jim, report and then document also. It sounds as though you are in a safe amount for SSDI.

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