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Thread: Getting in and out of the car

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick View Post
    Who's the fellow wheeler rolling the video? (Can see his reflection in the SRT8) lol!!
    That's your neighbor 5 towns over to the east

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    I live in a very snowy place. 4x4 is a necessity. I've had vans. They're pretty useless unless you get so m etinge raised a little and preferably awd. I drive a 4x4 full sized truck in the winter. I usually find someone to throw my chair in the back and them get someone to get it out. I do drag it across my chest if I know I need it inside. I put a towel in the back seat or passenger seat. The wheels make a mess when they're wet, but you get better. It's a process.

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    Sorta off the subject, but maybe your husband would benefit from being around a few other more 'modern' disabled people, maybe they would rub off on him? This stuff is already difficult to deal with without being so stubborn. I know the type, though, maybe he doesn't want to have anything to do with other disabled people. I have a neurological disorder and was raised with a feeling of shame and failure. As an adult I have sought out activities with other disabled people (I don't get to do that often, I live too far away from cities for there to be a disabled population where I live). Being around others helped me relax about it, and once I was relaxed I could observe and learn from them how they do things and what equipment they use.

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    I agree with kld. im 28 yrs post c5-6 quad, always drove cars. a couple buddies I race handcycles with convinced me to consider making the switch. I wish I had done it 10 yrs ago. we went full size conv, I didn't like the mini vans. the transfer seats make it simple even for a quad and being inside out of the elements is the best part.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Would he even consider a van with a ramp and transferring inside the van to an adjustable seat on the driver's side? Much easier on his shoulders, and the way he is going, he may end up eventually in a power chair for that reason; a van could then be used to drive from the chair. I know vans are not considered sexy, but they are sure a lot easier that what he is doing.

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    I drive a 4door 2003 lexus gs300. Can throw my chair next to me or put everything in the back. My exgf would throw everything in the trunk if we were going together. Chair is Ti Lite ZRA and its pretty sturdy (tested myself).

    Now I work at the truck repair shop, so I roll thru grease, dust, soot, oil, antifreeze, body fluids and anything you can imagine. Throw a towel in your back seat with some shop rags to wipe the wheels, be careful when dragging chair across and wheel to the back seat (damnit..) and you'll be fine. Got some dirt spots here and there but with my usage its just wear and tear.

    Now I know they make newer 06-up lexus gs but I am not sure how wide door swings or how tall is center console but that option is available.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    That's your neighbor 5 towns over to the east
    Ahhh ok, I remember now.

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    I wouldn't consider a van. I broke down on a RAIL ROAD crossing one time, and the stupid lift wouldn't work.! I've been transferring in and out of a driver's side car for 20 years, clinically ASIA A at T5. Chairs? I use a GPV as a standard ride for heavy work in the yard, exercise, house work, etc. Recently I got scared for my shoulders and went UBER light, I got a sub-10 lb. titanium frame for bee bopping. The point is, use your brain, work out responsibly in addition to weight baring, and use your head.

    Your husband is an issue. Is your husband a Priest, wearing all white? obviously not, who cares?

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    Getting into a Hyundai Elantra

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    Hello, I am a t8 para. I have a Tilite TR rigid chair and drive a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe. Before my Santa Fe, I had a 2013 Hyundai Tucson. When I lift the chair in and out, I try to lift it over my head, so I don't get dirty. Rarely do I get grease or dirt on me.
    Best wishes,
    JG in Phoenix

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