My husband has been paralyzed (t4 complete) since he was a kid. 40+ years. When he was 15 he was taught to do the in/out from the passengers side of a 2 door car. Anyone who does it knows it's a long process. The chair takes up most of the back seat. And with a heavy chair (like he still has), it's hard on the joints. It also is reall hard to find a 2 door car (he also needs 4 or all wheel drive) that will work.

It's been hard on the family him refusing to try newer chairs, ridged frames or new ways of getting in the car. We have two kids who have to share the back of his tiny car with the wheelchair. So either I am always driving, they are smushed and unhappy. Plus, I am really worried about his shoulder and back. He has arthritis and he isn't an old man.

So we are moving to a snowy place from Texas and he needs a new car and a new chair. I've been pushing him to branch out. We will be in a city with lots of medical shops and care. So that a plus.

I showed him how people use a ridged chair and get in and out of their car in the front drivers side. He said "No WAY!". He said it will be dirty, the grease will get all over him, etc. I think it was so far out of his comfort zone he freaked out a little.

So I guess I am wondering, for those who have a rigid frame chair, do you get dirty getting in and out? Does grease get all over?

If you get in the passengers side with a folding chair, can you share what type of car and chair?

Any other appreciated. His back and shoulders isn't going to last another 10 years like this, and the kids just keep getting bigger.