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Thread: Printers and windows 8.1

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    Printers and windows 8.1

    Does anyone have any recomendation for a small printer/scanner that will communicate with windows 8.1? Preferably with either generic or a good quality recycled black ink cartridge available? I really hate the way HP decided not to upgrade the drivers on their printers to windows 8.

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    I have had great luck with Brother MFC printers. 3rd party ink is readily available, some inks work better than others. I rely on amazon reviews.

    Make sure it has IOS or android tablet/smartphone mobile support if that is a requirment

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    Seconded. I love Brother printers, especially their laser MFC printers.

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    I have a brother HL-2280DW. Works w/ 8.1, wireless/scan/copy. It's fast and you get a ton of pages per cartridge. I have only bought new cartridges so can't speak to the recycled part. Got it fairly cheap on Amazon (of course all printers are sold pretty much at or below cost so they can screw you on the cartridges).

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