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Thread: anyone notice AFO or KAFO being made by 3D printing , but different material

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    anyone notice AFO or KAFO being made by 3D printing , but different material

    i received a new AFO, it felt like a different material when i first tried it on, but the tech said it was the same polypropylene. I noticed it was a lot thicker in the foot area , calf area was about the sae, yet it weighed over 2x as the old one.
    bottom line, it started cauding me pain, i realized it was because the AFO had sidesthat surrounded my foot, this didnt not help with swelling and it also took up a lot of room in my shoes, making most of my shoes too tight
    I removerd the liniung to get more room, none of my AFO had a full lining before.
    I saw that the interior has lines about every 1mm apart, looks lie 3D printing to me.
    TWo problems, the brace maker has told my doctor that it is not 3D printed, that only California shop does 3 D printing, i guess there is no way it could have been mailed in the 3 weeks it too to make. plus i dont go for lying medical people involved in my care, my doctor seems to have the ass at me for telling him it was 3D printed and is taking the brqce makers side on this. So i am investigating further.

    ,3D print people on Reddit have said it would be too expensive to print polypropylene, the brace maker told me it was polypropylene same as my old white ones, but this one is in black. ,now i am looking for a way to test whether it is polypro or another material.
    cauda equina

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    Interested in your experience as I'm soon to have a replacement TLSO made. I asked the orthotist if 3d printing would be on option, thinking a better, more comfortable fit would be possible. The reply was excessive cost of this for a TSLO.
    Just wondering if you can call the fabricator to find out what material was used. I once had one made that arrived with total inside laminated with a firm white foam rubber (?). It was horribly hot, and since then I have requested no inside material, just minimal padding at bony spot. Since then I have researched the internet to view TSLO web sites to see what companies have and learn the language so I can use correct terms with my orthotist. You might be able to find out the material on the web.

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