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Thread: Carrying things on the back of the Permobil M300

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    Carrying things on the back of the Permobil M300

    It will not be here for another 11 days but I am trying to figure out how to transition all my stuff from the back of my Q6000z to the new Permobil. I carry a bag containing poncho, folding bag and umbrella, snap hooks attached to the back bar for grocery bags, a neoprene bottle holder that will work with a 32oz nalgene bottle or tall 20oz mug with lid and straw, and a holster on the other side that holds my folding reacher. My bag also on occasion contains a slide on half lap tray that my friends get out for me when we go places because my knees never fit under tables the tray is a necessity. I know the tray will not work on the Permobil and am looking for another tray.

    I don't know how others carry things but I am highly dependent on heavy duty snap hooks or carabiners. I am sure there are creative people out there who carry things of the sort I do and I would like to hear about how others carry their stuff.

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    I have the M300 and I have push handles on the back and backpack hooks. The handles are only there to hang stuff off of and the hooks too. Between those I can carry 300$ in groceries home pretty easily!

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    I am sorry, this isn't on subject. I have an opportunity to purchase an used M300 at a fairly good cost. I watched a video on youtube of a man climbing a very steep graveled driveway. Are these chairs that rugged? Thank you.

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    Hey Brent,
    I've had my M300 for about a year and find it to be a very rugged chair. I go out in public quite a bit and put my chairs through a lot. My M300 has power tilt/recline, power elevating leg rests & elevating seat and all have been fine since I got the chair. I did have the joystick replaced as I was getting errors on the display a few months ago. It's a lot more rugged than my old Invacare Arrow Storm, I was having to have actuators replaced a few times a year w/that chair. If you've got the means, go for that M300!
    Dan G. in CT

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    Thanks Quadzila. The chair is loaded and only 1 year old with low miles on it. Can the drive wheel be changed over to something that would give you better traction?

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