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Thread: Defective catheters

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    Defective catheters

    We have been using the Mentor Clear Advantage self-adhering male external catheters for almost 3 years and they always stayed on very well. Starting 3 months ago the began slipping off almost every day causing many extra baths and bedding changes. Very exhausting! We got a new kind this month of the same brand but called LS (long seal) and the problem is solved. They work very well. We just talked the supplier into replacing 2 bags of the bad ones with the LS.

    They say no one else has complained. I wonder if there are any other people out there who have been having more accidents and not realizing that the catheter is at fault.

    Also it took 3 months to get the TAR approved for the new kind. I think that is mean. IMHO

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    For added security,apply 1" Elastikon tape around the catheter near the base of the penis.

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    How old were the Clear Advantage catheters you were using? They had a real problem with their adhesive about 5 years ago, but have since resolved it. I actually prefer the Rochester Wide Band or Ultraflex over the Mentor product though, and I believe they are also less expensive.

    Be sure you are not using any lotion type soap on the penis...this will interfere with adhesion. Clean the skin with alcohol after washing if you use this, and allow it to dry well before trying to apply the external.


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