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Thread: Uroflow, Cystometrogram and Cystoscopy ....Thank you Nurse's

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    Smile Uroflow, Cystometrogram and Cystoscopy ....Thank you Nurse's

    Well, I finally did it, actually with a push from my PA, and she found a new Dr. (Urologist). He is in his mid 30s and took a very good interest, spent 45 min talking with me, asking questions, I was very impressed. After he did a digtal, and found a very small high riding prostate, he encouraged me, then said he was ordering the above tests.

    Did some suggesting, in fact mentioned if I was tired of self cathing,(am catheter dependent) I said yes, suggested to go back to Foley or suprapubic, also said there is interstim, stents and cystoplasty available. Commented on the urge incontinence.

    Wanted to thank the Nurses here for encouraging me to look for a new Dr. And also my PCP as she continued to advise me, and even had this Dr. lined up to see me.

    This is a wonderful Forum



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    glad you found an urologist who listened to you and provided alternatives.


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