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Thread: any1 familar w/ life in santa monica/la,southern cali area/ MENTOR!

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    Cool any1 familar w/ life in santa monica/la,southern cali area/ MENTOR!

    Hi, my names jesse and i am a quadriplegic wanting to start a life n the mid/southern Cali area. im staying in santa monica now but am looking for apt asap. is anypne familar with these areas? im looking for ANY activites or programs to help me out in anyway looking to become resident.

    im also am looking for a mentor to go eat with or talk on phone with to find out about this area.

    Please give any input , every reply big or small will help me out so dnt hesitate to put in your two cents...... thank u guys and have a nice day!

    Jesse Jame John Kane

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    To the man with three first names. I'm not in that area but I understand you picked the best place to be.

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    We are in San Diego. Santa Monica is one of my favorite places in So. cal. The traffic sucks everywhere in LA County, does not matter where u live - the freeways, surface streets, doesn't matter, always allow for this when you have to be somewhere! If you are able, get yourself into the UCLA healthcare system - one of THE best in the country! I hope others will add to this thread! Good luck and enjoy the fact you are living in a great place with unbelievable weather!!!

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