Running my Windows 7 VM torture chamber as I like to torment Microsoft Windows. As I roll back after experimenting with Microsoft Viruses it is completely clean according to Defender. Running Chrome on Windows 7 (without logging in to Google of course).

Defender? Design it to run viruses and then design virus protection!

The only way to see what a Microsoft Virus does is to run it. Take a snap shot before and don't run it on a real network.

Checking out Google's chrome, drive, docs, pages, gmail, etc. as Excel on Windows 10 was (literally) thrown back at us.

Then Chrome OS could be the thin client. I have VNC, Mosh, Secure Shell and K-9 Mail via ARC Welder in Chrome on Linux. I XDMCP, VNC or even RDP in to a real computer running Debian.

If you use a PeeCee like a tea bag you just throw it away. When you log back in the snap shot is as before you had ever used it. Your mail and app status is stored on the cloud not the PeeCee.