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Thread: How Tall Should a Hotel Bed Be ?

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    How Tall Should a Hotel Bed Be ?

    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area, but I'm trying to find out if there are any ADA guidelines for hotels as far as how high a hotel bed is supposed to be. I'm currently staying at one which has a bed that is at 30". It's extremely hard for me to get onto the bed. I've talked to the front desk and they are going to lower it down for me, but I was just wondering so I would know in the future what to look out for. I've tried searching using the search bar for related threads but could t find much for some reason. I'm not sure if I was searching correctly. Thanks in advance.

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    ADA regulations currently don't have technical specifications for accessible guest bed heights.
    Something was supposed to come out in 2014 to address this issue but I never saw anything in follow-up
    The recommendations from most disability organizations is for a max height of 20-23 inches.

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    Every hotel I have stayed in will lower the bed for you. As for height, I think hotels are caught between para's (who want a low bed) and higher quads who need to put a hoyer lift under the bed. I find when travelling, you are going to run into accessibility issues mostly due to ignorance, but hotel staff never seem to mind helping making things right if you are patient and polite.

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    Ideally a bed should be the same height as your wheelchair seat, but as above, there a no ADA standards for this at this time. Is this a platform bed? If not, they should be able to just take the mattress and box spring off the bed frame, and put these on the floor for you. Of course if you need to use a lift, then it won't fit underneath, but if you do a scoot or slide board transfer this should get it to a more manageable height.

    Even as an AB person I hate those high beds...I am on the short side, and getting up in the middle of the night have almost fallen getting out of bed in a strange environment when they have such high beds.


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    Sorry for the late response everyone . KLD, I'm not sure what type of bed this is. I'll make sure to take a picture of it as soon as I get out of bed this morning and post it on this thread. My girlfriend, Heather, actually has a photo of me sitting on the edge of the bed that I can post as well. This way we can compare the difference between the two heights visually (I guess).

    The manager on call last night here at the hotel was extremely helpful. Once we let her know of the problem at the front desk, she told us that she would address the problem immediately (we were heading out to see a concert that one of Heather's sisters was singing at and wouldn't be back for a few hours). Upon arriving back at the hotel, the manager let us know of the changes that were made and asked us if it would be alright if she followed us up to our room to make sure everything was satisfactory. She got to our room, we let her know everything was to our liking, and then she said she would reduce our bill by $30 for the inconvenience that the entire ordeal may have caused. I explained to her that it wasn't nessecary, but she insisted. I'm utterly blown away by the level of customer service she provided us.

    T8burst, you're definitely right about the comment relating to being polite to the hotel staff. I tried to be polite as possible when dealing with everyone. It seemed to make a really huge difference. I'm surprised that there's nothing in place as far as laws covering regulations on bed heights. I guess it makes sense that it would be a little hard to accommodate everyone (paras/quads) all together. At least now I know that, like you said, wih a little patience and politeness toward the staff that much can be done to accommodate ones personal needs.

    Thank you everyone for your input on this. Very valuable information.

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    KLD, oh my goodness are you right about not liking higher beds ! This one was so high that my feet couldn't touch the ground when sitting on the edge. I have pretty lengthy legs so I found this to be surprising. I use a sliding board to transfer in and out of bed. Boy, was this transfer into this particular bed a tough one for me before it was lowered !

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    We have the opposite problem, we always ask for the bed to be raised to allow use of a hoist. Easy enough to do with rubber "elephant's feet" under the legs.

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    I remember a time when I was traveling with my parents. We were staying at a Marriott Comfort Inn in an "accessible" room (roll-in shower, etc.). The bed turned out to be a platform bed, but we had already planned to put this up on blocks. My bro-in-law (whom we were visiting) met us at the hotel and we put four 6"X6"X6" blocks under the four corners of the platform to raise the whole bed up enough to get the lift underneath, then we all went out for dinner.

    We got back to the hotel about 11PM and I got my mother ready for bed. My dad was already in the bed reading when I got the lift into position and put my mother into the bed. There was immediately a big bang, and the bed shifted down, trapping the lift under the bed. I got my dad up and he and I were able to get the lift away from the bed (along with my mother) and put her back in her wheelchair. When we looked at the bed, we found that the platform, which was made out of particle board, had broken right in the middle of the side where I had the lift!! By this time it was after midnight. We called my bro-in-law (woke him up of course), and he came back to the hotel with more wooden blocks. We shored up the bed box springs and metal frame that was under the particle board sides at several more places, and gingerly put my mother back to bed.

    The next day my father and bro-in-law took the broken side of the platform off (it was screwed in place), took it to my sister's house, and worked most of the day to repair the side panel (my dad was an engineer, so this was going to be done right!). We reassembled the bed frame the next day, and 2 days later checked out of the hotel. Never told the hotel about the repair, and they never said a word either. Not an experience we wanted to repeat, but so glad we had my bro-in-law there to bail us out when it did happen!


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    About 5 years ago, after seeing full page ad in mobility magazine for "accessible features at MicroTel" my husband and I found the dreaded high bed. We're two wheelers so this was a problem. Politely requesting help to lower the bed, the front desk clerk 'called the maintenance man' and when he didn't show by 9 PM they said he had car trouble, and we retired, with much difficulty crawling, pushing to get into bed. Next day filled out the "report card" letting management know, in addition to calling the company. We later received free room voucher. Unfortunately, have not stayed in any motel since, due to medical issues and total inability to handle high beds.
    It would be nice to have an smart phone AP indicating whether motel has high or low beds - this would help both quads and paras.
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    Here's a few pictures of the bed heights before and after they removed the frame from under the bed (or whatever they did ).

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    (notice feet dangling off bed)

    Name:  image.jpg
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    (feet easily on the ground)

    Wow ! What a difference it made !

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