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Thread: poor quality leg bag

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    poor quality leg bag

    These Coloplast Coveen 1000 ml leg bags are paper thin. Can anyone recommend a better quality bag of same size or larger?


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    Hollister 9805 has been working out great for me for many years.

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    I went to reusable years ago. because the plastic bags would split at the seams. I get a year or more out of a reusable.

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    We use the Hollister 9349 kit, which is a leg bag, soft fabric straps, and an extension tube. Not the cheapest, but lasts a month easily. Is it 32 oz. (approx. 960 ml.).


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    I like the Urocare line of disposable vinyl leg bags. Very good quality and lots of customizable options to meet a variety of needs.

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