Hi all,

I'm a C5/C6 quadriplegic and a ITB-pump owner since 2007. I never had any complications until two months ago.
During one of my normal refill appointments the hospital accidently gave me the wrong concentration of Baclofen. Instead of 30mg they put in 80mg which lead to a severe overdose.

After 36 hours (catheter length) i was extremely weak, tired, dizzy and couldn't do anything more than lie down. I had a blurry vission, i heard strange noises and my bowelmovement was terminated. Eating was difficult and i had trouble breathing and couldn't sleep for days. (14 days no sleep) I also had the weirdest chemical taste in my mouth.

Since i was too mentally confused to link with the Baclofen it took me a week to call the hospital. First i thought of the normal flu, like anyone else. My doctor thought of a virus on my vestibular system.

Thank god the hospital noticed their mistake and called an ambulance right away. They adjusted the pump right away and after a few weeks i was back on my 30mg concentration.

Now i'm two months later and still have these horrible side effects. I'm still having trouble sleeping and my body is weaker than ever. Even though the pump is adjusted down i don't have any spasms anymore. Good thing? Not really. I can't sit for more than a few hours and my body feels like jelly and hurts. My bowel is making extremely loud sounds and every hour and when i lie down i can't even relax trough the noise. I also get that weird taste in my mouth back. It get's worse when i lie down which nobody want's to acknowledge.

Swallowing seems to be a problem too. I have a lump in my throat ever since and it's making strange burping noises.

It feels like i'm still getting overdosed but my doctors want me to give it some time. They say it's not good to keep adjusting the pump and dosage.

Since yesterday i heard my pump making a strange ticking noise. Can anyone explain that?

I'm very worried at the moment and stressing out about the pump even being broken.

Who can support me in this story?

Kind regards,