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    IC leaking

    Hi all,

    Recently I was looking to do a mitrofanoff procedure, in hopes that I would be able to cath myself being a C5. My urologist wanted me to take the foley cath out for a week and try IC first to make sure I wasn't leaking, saying that I would be leaking with a mitro if I was leaking on IC. Well, today we took out the foley and I haven't made it 45 minutes before I start leaking. I think this is because my bladder has shrunk so much from being on the foley, but I'm not sure. What can I do to keep my bladder from leaking? I started oxybutynin but it doesn't seem to help. My mom is helping with ICs but this is killing us.


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    Have you had urodynamics done? We would always do this before making a decision about use of anticholenergics, and also the safety of doing IC in the presence of possible high bladder pressures. How much oxybutynin are you taking? Have you taken anticholenrgics in the past?

    Botox may be an option if your bladder is not already severely contracted, but if you have used in indwelling catheter for a long time, it may not be possible to reverse your bladder shrinkage.

    Has your urologist discussed the option of having a bladder (clamshell) augmentation surgery done at the same time as your Mitrofanoff? This may be needed to provide you sufficient bladder capacity to stay dry and have safe low pressures in your bladder when doing intermittent cath.


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    I haven't done urodynamics. It's gotten up to about 2 hours in between but I'm also barely drinking anything. I am on 5mg oxybutynin, used it previously during my rehab stay.

    I have read about bladder augmentation but it was never raised in discussion.

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    You are on a very low dose of oxybutynin. The maximum dose is 30 mg. daily.

    You need to have urodynamics done within 6 months of your original injury, and then every 1-2 years afterwards.


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